Ticket office issues

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Dan Tanner

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Haha yeah see you Monday night, I'll go the asda by the etihad for food for our journey haha.

Seriously though, why not give the option to get coach travel on the site like they have in previous seasons? Especially as they are dealing with loads of calls anyway so why make it harder for themselves by making people have to ring for coach travel..
It was the same for the City game, your unable this season to buy a travel membership unless its over the phone or at the box office. After trying most of the morning to get through on the phone I binned my dinner off in work, headed up to Goodison and got my membership, coach and City ticket. I can't understand why your unable to buy the membership online as various other memberships are available to purchase easily enough, and how hard is it to add a click-box option when purchasing a ticket especially for Chelsea with the free travel being available.


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So Everton finally emailed me back.

Apparently my upload to season ticket worked correctly.

This is good news, but what an absolute mess this was in the first place.

Dan Tanner

Player Valuation: £8m
Guaranteed our season cards dont let us in tonight
I tried to go online before I left to go the match just to double check everything had gone through . But the website was down for routine maintenance, that's 5 o'clock this afternoon 3 hours before the game. Can imagine there are probably people trying to print tickets off who ain't to happy atm.
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