The Saint Domingo Song

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I've just been listening (for the millionth time!) to 'The Saint Domingo Song' by The Prisoners of Rupert's Tower and I would urge any Evertonian, young or old, to have a listen to it if you've not already heard it.
It's a brilliant and catchy summary of our incredible history from the day we were formed up to the 1995 FA Cup win and just beyond. The references to Dixie Dean always make me well up I'm not ashamed to say!
Go on, just google the name, have a listen and then tell your friends! A great song in my opinion.


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Should get sung at the match this. At least the chorus bit. We wouldn't be the first club to blatantly steal a Celtic song.


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I've been to the Celtic games when they sing it and its a good little crowd go'er. Would love for it to get started at some of the aways and hopefully escalate from there
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