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Summer Transfer Window 2019

Everton's Transfer Window

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Duh Bomb

Player Valuation: £50k
Lookman vlasic onyekuru out depay in..? Sounds a good deal but still leaves us 1 short in the winger department, maybe we'll get Lozano as well and summer on here will be one long meltdown


Player Valuation: £40m
We'll get paid if they do like

Still can't believe we squeezed as much out of them for Rom as we did

We're not selling unless we get the price we want, we've shown that in the past, and I trust Brands and Silva to replace those players if needs be
We are left worse off unless we replace Gueye with somebody that is as good as he is, which is unlikely. We still haven't replaced Lukaku two years after selling him to United ffs. The money was completely wasted.

Losing players like Gueye will set us back years imo, like it did when we sold Lescott etc. It will also massively improve United, who we are supposed to be competing with for European places.
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