Steve Walsh - no longer our Director of Football

Steve Walsh as DOF

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Player Valuation: £70m
Ive no issue with him staying as a scout, because he's a good one - but obviously Brands might want his own men in the network of scouts.
..he is more culpable than anybody else at the club for the mess the squad is in. Surely somebody who has literally wasted millions and got very basic footballing decisions wrong has to be dismissed. Amazed that anybody thinks his blatant ineptitude deserves him still getting a salary from the club.


Player Valuation: £500k
he is the number one target, or should be.

Along with the board and moshiri, he has been completely inept in his job, which I'm even sure what it is.

he is meant to be director of football, yet by all accounts wasn't involved with signing the manager (fat sam). If the club wants to go down the route of director of football, then the director of football needs to have power to implement a strategy and a way forward.

All i see his a mish mash of rubbish throughout the club and team, with zero direction..

1. Bin him off.
2. Get a director of football in, that has complete control over the type of football the club wants to implement.
3. Get a manager that suits the style of football - But leave it up to the director of football, Not moshiri and harris who don't have a clue (hence fat sam as manager)
4. Buy players that suit the style of football.


Player Valuation: £500k
He backed Allardyce to the hilt to become manager, his failings are complete. Bye bye.
Reports have come out it was Harris and moshiri that wanted him, wouldn't be suprised if Walsh was involved though. Either way everyone involved comes off as incompetent

The quicker someone comes in and stops moshiri from making footballing decisions, the better.

Charles Hawtrey

Player Valuation: £35m
The fact that he wasn't informed of the Board changes, nor then presumably Fat Sam's demise would suggest that he is not thought of as a future leader.


Amateur Safari Hunting Enthusiast
Allardyce actually did his job and achieved his objectives.

This fella has been a nightmare and deserves a walk of shame through the city centre with rotten veg lobbed at him.
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