Staying in the Prem or Liquidation: Your view


Player Valuation: £8m
How do we attract the younger fans if we’re in the lower leagues?
By not being a shower of fatherless, devil worshipping, wall pushing, child molesting, tory loving, bindipping dolesucking, sycophantic to the feds while also being criminal scumbags, half literate sister fingering mongrels whose lives are so unbelievably bad that you could never feel sorry for them. Sitting and clapping the telly with the Rees-Moggs and Frenchie. Jesus Christ you couldn't tempt anyone worth having if you're one of them. Liverpool FC existing is a good thing, because you can filter out the worst people in the city and never have to associate with them. Better a blue in the conference than a devil worshipper in Europe, even children can see that.


Player Valuation: Free Transfer
3 clubs get relegated every year, not sure many have gone inti liquidation, we as Everton create odd facts, so how about relegated 22/23 promoted 23/24 premiership winners in new stadium 24/25, I’ll get my coat?


Player Valuation: £5m
I always enjoy the summer break from Everton and that World Cup was sensational, boxed off Christmas without the worry of Everton , at this moment in time with the stage of the club and the general laughing stock we are to the football world , I’d take liquidation

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