Transfer Rumour Sandro Ramirez

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Player Valuation: £30m
If only hey? So much to be excited about at the moment at Everton, and then there is always this at the back of my mind.
Yeah, Im just hoping they believe in themselves enough to keep him for a year and make CL, which may convince him to stay. But hey, might as well enjoy the days of good news and let the days of bad news show up when they will!


Sí, Se Puede
Suggested on another forum that his release clause doesn't kick in until 1st July
It is possible. Every player in La Liga has a buy-out clause if I remember rightly but many more of them are scheduled for certain dates i.e. having confidence in themselves to get a winter move or the price being so high in the summer that when it activates, nobody will bother.

Not open for further replies.

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