Sam Allardyce

So, what next?

  • IN. Give him a chance and see what he can do?

    Votes: 79 8.3%
  • OUT. Thanks but no thanks. See Ya?

    Votes: 758 79.5%
  • As ever. Cheese on Toast

    Votes: 23 2.4%
  • Er, I am a bit scared of us Evertoning this right up.

    Votes: 93 9.8%

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Player Valuation: £10m
He is about to speak on Sky
Omg i cant bear seeing his face next to our badge let alone listen to what he says
It's still totally baffling how this mediocre journeyman could end up as the Blues boss, he is an awful manager who will never ever accept blame even if it's bloody obvious it was his team choice that caused it. Just need him out now as cannot find enough crap things to say about him.


Player Valuation: £950k
Quite true he wasn't changed much at all and given alternatives he never should have been appointed.But like most of us, players want stability in their work environment.Carry on with a temporary manger would have been a recipe for disaster.Silva could have come but for whatever reason chose not to when he could have.
Yes he could have forced the issue, but I have more respect for the fact he chose to honour his contract. I thought our approach was ethically dubious at the time, but appointing Sam was a moment of panic. I was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he just seems to be winging it, safe in the knowledge that he is on a big pay off.

Barnfred 55

Player Valuation: £70m
Yet more fake news.

Silva was so desperate to join he threw one of the biggest hissies ever seen in football, so much that he tanked the rest of his tenure at Watford.
Mate don't go there with him again. He provokes this 'kin argument every 'kin day on here. I'm sick of seeing it.

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