RIP Judith Durham

Togger Blue

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We used to sing that song 5 minutes before our team ran out .... especially at home it was our YNWA answer to the other lot why was it binned?
A staple part of the vocal support back in the day. Personally I'll never forget it being sung at half time at the start of the 66/67 season (mid week night game) in the middle of the Stretford End when things got a little bit 'out of hand'! It also got a very loud outing at Wembley in the semi v Man United 10 years ago. Not heard often enough nowadays.


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Were we not the first to latch onto that song and bring it to the terraces. I remember singing that regular as a youngster and I always classed it as Evertons song
I always associate it with the FA Cup and I think it was adopted during the 66 Cup run as that’s when it was released.
It always gets an airing during our FA Cup games in the present day but as we tend not to progress then it feels a rarity!
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