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We are a bit pants of late, but talk of relegation is daft, afaic. I know we need players, and we are another few injuries away from starting Rafael himself at LB, but I still don't think it's anywhere near that close for us. This isn't on the current incumbent of our manager's chair, either (even if you hate the fella). It's on years of neglect, or placing faith in the wrong people to get jobs done, that still need doing. I still ain't having that we're even close to being relegated yet, though, and we do have plenty about us to make sure that doesn't happen. I know folks on here like a bit of bed-wetting after a huge defeat, but we're still too good to go down, even if we're still too bad to finish any higher than 8th.


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We’ll do a Villa, we’ll meander along finishing 13th/14th for a couple of seasons while our 2/3 better plays gradually leave, then all of a sudden one year we’ll finish rock bottom with about 18 points. There’ll be no dramatic last day super duper fight for our lives, it’ll be a 0-0 draw against Southampton in April in front of 15,000 fans at Goodison that’ll confirm it.

I hate to say it but currently we remind me of Villa in the seasons leading up to them going down. We desperately need some stability.


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Doom is looming for the doom mongers. Just remembered the other crap team to make up the relegation certs. Watford (0-1 at home again. I forget who they scraped through against the week before in a fluke last 15 minutes). I have not seen that game.
I am told nobody has avoided relegation with the points total Newcastle and Norwich currently have at this stage of the season. MOD described the magpies as potentially the richest Championship side next season. I wish Geordies well in football terms, but not the Saudis.

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