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no balls, no everton shirt,
We were definitely sleep walking towards it with Rafael.
Made harder by the fact he should have gone weeks a go.
Need to get a run of results behind us even if it's just not losing a couple.
It's going to be harder than people expect can see us looking over are shoulders for the rest of the season.


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We were definitely sleep walking towards it with Rafael.
If the worst thing does happen, I think the broad analysis would be that the club has been sleep walking towards it for about 5 years. Benitez - while being a very poor appointment - was a symptom of the key issues at play rather than a cause. Board-level decisions, throwing good money after bad, have all led to this point.

Although it should be noted that relegation is still a very unlikely outcome at this point.


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That Arsenal win seemed like a huge one to keep us out of the mire but in hindsight it kept him here an extra month and we've lost more games since.

Very true. I think he'd still be here if we beat Norwich as well. I can't believe we didn't bin him earlier. Villa and Spurs acted swiftly when their managers clearly weren't up to the job. It's unbelievable that we persisted with such an utterly cack manager for so long.

roy vernon

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Next 4 games are very important, if we can get 7 or more points from those games, we should have enough to stay well clear of the bottom 4.


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Right now survival is in our own hands but we need to start picking up points and fast

The longer we languish in the position we are in the harder it will be to dig ourselves out of it

Would have been in a better position to this had we not just lost to Norwich and have Villa up next like

Still, we have games against Watford, Burnley and Newcastle (x2) to come

If we can manage to win those then that's 12 vital points. We probably just need about 8 more then and we're safe. Scrape some draws and win a game or two at Goodison and that will do it

We have to start accruing points though. Even if the game against Villa is a draw, if we still beat the teams below us as well as maybe beating Saints away and Brentford at home then we can draw against United and Chelsea at home and it won't be a disaster

Just get to 40 points as soon as possible

Goodison needs to be the ultimate bear pit on Saturday and for every game this season now until we're safe. We as a fan base need to buy in to the threat and attack it the right way


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@Kev The Rat
Interesting point, mate.
I think Moshiri would still have kept Benitez in place whatever that Arsenal result so, had we lost, we would still have had him plus the subsequent results but we would be three points down from what we are now and really sweating.
We are vulnerable to really slipping into the mix but it is still in our own hands. We just HAVE to eke out a few wins before that shocking run in begins.

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