Ref for the Derby

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Dario Terracotta

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Time for Silva to grow a spine and publicly sound out the serial diving of certain RS players - I know it backfired on Moyes, but he needs to sow the seed and hopefully dissuade Mr Tvvatkinson from soft penos.
Exactly,why we don't highlight this clowns previous with us beforehand I don't know,any of the top level boss's would if it concerned their clubs.


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What was the name of that new fella who reffed the Anfield derby this season? Actually thought he had a very good game and would have been happy for him to ref this reverse fixture. Not sure if that's allowed though?
Michael Oliver wasn't it.... Very good young ref, but he reffed the Liverpool Man Utd game at the weekend so always unlikely to get this game too, shame really, only ref I trust...


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The worst of the worst.

I was sat near the front of the Lower Bullens for this one and it happened right in front of me.

It's one of the worst derby decisions I've seen. My Kopite cousin (actual Kopite) was sat next to me and he couldn't believe it either.

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