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Carlo after 9 games last season -

5 Wins, 3 Losses, 1Draw

After 9 games with Rafael -

4 Wins, 3 Losses, 2 Draws.

There is very little difference. Yet some of you are using any excuse to push your Rafael out agenda which you've been pushing since before his 1st press conference.

We have an injury crisis with several players out, and have a heavily depleted squad. What more do you actually want?
For us not too get beat at home 5-2 by a relegation candidate. There are no excuses for yesterday, bad day at the office across the board, why some of you are trying so hard to justify it beggars belief.
Pretty much what I said when he was appointed. He was brought in to keep us mid table whilst the new stadium was being built and to be the boards scapegoat as they tightened the purse strings and balanced the books. I’m sure Benitez was well aware of this fact and made sure that he got a great contract and that he would get the full benefit of this whether or not he completed the 3 years.

Everyone was a winner, apart from the fans.

Totally agree unless we get below 15th for a few games (sacked or are above 6th (extended).

We seem to have tied him up while getting finances straight.

He needs to fix the defence and we need to attack the market in January and sign players on pre contract agreements.

I've never been a Benitez fan and always thought he was the wrong man for the job.

However thought we had a decent start to the season beating teams that traditionally you would expect us to beat and showing glimpses of a discernable style and identity and much improved fitness.

But the managerial display yesterday bordered on the comical;

1.Continuing to defend zonally when we keep conceding from set pieces
2.Taking off Gordon
3. Not taking off Rondon
4. Not changing shape when at 2-1 up we were getting overrun in midfield.

Conceeding 5 goals at home to anyone is bad. However conceding 5 to Watford who are crap and to concede 4 goals In the last 15 minutes is unforgivable.

Worst of the lot though was the way that Benitez threw Gordon under the bus in his post match interview.

It summed up the man and is why I despise him.as an individual and why he is totally unsuitable to be our manager.

The master of deflection won't accept what everyone has seen and instead tries to blame a young lad. Disgraceful.
Well, it's as you say 'personnel'. If Benitez had inherited the right personnel at the back his trademark defensive tightness gets repeated here. We have one adequate CB at the club. If he isn't on the pitch we are a disaster waiting to happen.

The two problems you identify are linked: if we have solid set up for set pieces then the discipline is also there to stay in shape and not chase after games.

We need professional centre backs...amongst other players.
But he has the same defenders that were managing to defend set pieces last season, yet now, under benitez guidance, cannot.

What this weekend has really exposed is the desperate lengths some of the posters will go to on here to justify the position they took in the summer when they all thought it would be a laugh to get dead edgy online with obsessive arse licking posts supporting Benitez.

It isn't too late to repent and admit you were wrong folks. We will welcome you back into the Everton fold.

Just admit you were wrong and Benitez was a terrible idea and you never really believed anything you wrote.
The only way to find out if a player is ready is to put him on the bloody pitch . He might be a new Graeme Sharp , or a Rod Belfitt ( one for us oldies , there ) . You don’t want him on as you think he isn’t good enough . Let’s give him the chance to show us , eh . And put Rondon in the nearest skip

I agree mate but thats on the basis that he's showing he's ready in the training ground and only Benitez/Dunc et al will know that we as fans dont.

Ideally the lad would be out on loan to a Championship/League One side and allowed time to develop.

Goodison is a moody place at the best of times throwing a young kid in isn't ideal unless they have genuine quality i.e. Rooney/Barkley.
….Moyes doing a terrific job at West Ham.

What happens when you let a manager build his own side.


All walk into our side at present. There is no easy fix to our problems hence why we need to let this fella do what he needs to do.

Lets not forget Moyes was branded a dinosaur on here when he was linked to the job as Benitez currently is.

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