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I'll take down dat coal powered MG, I tel u Hwat
My back is rippling, thanks for noticing, but I'm not sure what a six back is, or how it would affect my sit-uppability. Didn't know they had Morrisons stateside?
Its a gym. Its when you crunch so hard your six pack is defined on your back, trem. Dont tell me you don't have one.

As you'll lose.


Player Valuation: £35m
Not really.

We have a first 11 that should be able to finish 4th.

I dont buy into the myth that the Rafael cult is pushing that he has a league one squad.
I admire the confidence you have in our current squad. I would suggest they could finish 4th not should


Player Valuation: £40m
Alot didn’t want Benitez, did anyone on her want Nuno Santo instead? He was heavily linked with us I’m so glad we never got him. I actually wanted Benitez before Ancelotti.


Player Valuation: £40m
Getting above the current top 4 wont be easy, they are all quality squads, but we should fear nobody else.
4th would be very difficult 5th very hard but 6th I believe would be achievable, there will be a few ups and downs but as long as Benitez can steady the ship quick after a bad result, we could do quite well. He seems to be good at that like Moyes was.


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dont buy into the myth that the Rafael cult is pushing that he has a league one squad.

Carlo had this group of players fighting for 4th and Fat stuff has better players.
I think the actuality is somewhere in between. We certainly don’t have a L1 squad imo and I’m behind Benitez.

And with the wonderful 20/20 vision of hindsight, Carlo wasn’t really all that, was he?


Player Valuation: £50k
I see a lot from Everton fans not expecting anything from OT.
The EPL is a marathon, RB is a chess player.
Everton is hit with injuries and does not have depth
As a chess player, when your Queen is gone - you play more defensively.
RB will play with 10 men defending and 1 to counter for about 80mins and all Everton fans will complain
if it is still 0-0 - he will attack more.
Goal difference is an additional point at the end of the season.

U need to look at the bigger picture.
Imagine if Everton misses out on Europe by 1 point or goal difference.
RB will set the team up several times in the season to play defensively and try to get only 3 points in the dying minutes. because of the bigger picture.

What will Everton fans want -
* Fighting for 90mins and losing 4/5 nil
* Playing defensively and losing 1/2 nil

Defensively Everton has a problem - although Mina is good CB, he is not a leader
Everton does not have leader. look at the number of goals and errors leading up to goals.

Everton will qualify / fighting for Europe -
We all can agree that top 4 is decided.

5-6 Position
Arsenal - doubt it ( I don't rate Arteta) however they may have turned the corner winning 3 games on the spin.
Tottenham - Going to difficult patch - think there might be problems with Harry Kane wanting to go to Man City. and he injury prone
West Ham - I know Everton love Moyes - but RB is a much better manager.
Leicester - Looks like they having their own problems
Aston Villa - Looks like a serious threat.

Everton stand a good chance at getting into Europe -
RB always had owners that gave false promises, and if the owner backs him - good times are ahead for you.
I didnt say Everton will be top 4
top 4 will be Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and MU ( not in that order)

Everton will be 5th or 6th
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