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Ghost Rider

Player Valuation: £8m
Agree with your general point but there's no way Moshiri is going to 'accept' £500m of his money sinking into the 2nd tier and out of the richest league in the world when there's a new stadium still to be financed.
I don't mean relegation , that is never going to be an option for the board. That is when the manager gets replaced if that is a realistic scenario.

I mean accept that the squad is terrible based on their involvement over the years. So the team doing badly is less of a concern now knowing the situation , with hope that January and a bit of free money can change things.
If you honestly think that no manager in the world could have put out a side to beat Brentford or Watford then I don’t really think it’s worth continuing the conversation to be honest. Ante Semudza managed to get his Slovenian team that’s existed for 9 years and has a weekly wage bill similar to what we pay rondon per hour to beat Spurs but there’s no way we could have? Ok mate.

It's always theoretical though isn't it?

You named 2 teams there that aren't Brentford or Everton as a comparison when in football, it doesn't work like that.

Fact is , you expected this team to beat brentford. You expected us to be better than them and come away with 3 points. Nothing wrong with that, but in the bigger picture, if these players were getting better results, there would be less need to replace them. A midfield made up of injury prone players would be fine if we were winning. Creatively with the likes of iwobi would be fine , rondon would be a good signing etc.

Can't have it both ways. Either the players aren't good enough or they are and we are massively under performing. Both the players and the manager can be criticised but at some point people need to accept the reality of things. We know the squad is one of the worst in the league away from recently promoted clubs. Some think our manager is past it and part of the problem.

With all that being considered, why do you expect to beat Brentford?


Player Valuation: £40m
You can only polish a turd so much.

Sure, you can argue Benitez should be polishing the turd better, but regardless it remains a turd.

The players we have are turds. There's about three I'd keep in the whole squad, the rest need flushing.
The problem is they are the three that will be sold. Nobody is taking Rondon or Iwobi off our hands.


Formerly known as By God I'm Blue
No, a new manager would get them challenging for CL football easily. It’s just that Koeman, Allardyce, Silva, Ancelotti and now Benitez couldn’t do it. But the next bloke definitely will, nothing wrong with the squad.
I don’t think anybody is disagreeing that this squad is woeful and rammed with lazy, cowardly footballers with a loser mentality.

But whatever his brief was when he took over, unless it was let them just get away with it, it looks like he’s failing massively.

2 points in 21, it’s abysmal.


Staff member
2nd November;

The board will underestimate how hostile it could turn and how quick.

Looking at that fixture list - I wouldn't bet against panic sacking of Benitez around Christmas, with Ferguson thrown in.

I think we are bottom 5 come the new year. Can't see him keeping his job tbh.

Anger at that point, IMO, needs directing at Everton's board. Clowns.


Allardyce Out
The problem is they are the three that will be sold. Nobody is taking Rondon or Iwobi off our hands.

Indeed. Blame Moshiri, Brands and the manager turnover for the turds we have.

There's been nobody competent in charge of a plan over several years since Moshiri arrived. We're paying the price for that now.

Sacking Benitez just resets that cycle once again, back to square one.

Bristol Blue

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Was watching Roy Keane earlier and a lot of what he said about Utds players rang true regarding us.

"Leopard doesn't change its spots"
"dont work hard enough off the ball"
"dont run and run and run some more"

Brands has built a squad of mentally suspect players.
Has he? This is a squad that still includes players from the Walsh/koeman days. These players are a collection of multiple manager appointments, and Brands doesn’t appear to have much say. So it’s a bit harsh saying he built this squad.
He’s a waste of space, but I wouldn’t put this all down to him.


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They were playing against a 26 year old centre half that was playing for Northampton Town a year ago.

Watford and Brentford have been the concerning performances and results this season.

Brentford were pretty poor today and there for the taking. Plenty of comments from their fans saying they've played far better this season and lost and they've got an injury crisis of their own and on a run as bad as ours.

I hoped Watford was just one of those days because we were winning until late on when the defence collapsed. The team looked bereft today.


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Yes I understand that, but that squad we have is ridiculously unbalanced and, more importantly, consists of players either finished, are mercenaries and/or complete cowards.

Brentford to a man have more application and desire than Alex Iwobi or Michael Keane will ever have.

All we're seeing now is the exact same thing we've seen for years but the odd decent player we have that usually bails us out is missing. Ancelotti had shocking performances week on week but he had Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison on the pitch instead of Rondon and Iwobi. That's the difference, and it's a massive one.

You are right. Leave Benitez and sack the clown that brought Rondon in..


Allardyce Out
2nd November;

I think we are bottom 5 come the new year. Can't see him keeping his job tbh.

Anger at that point, IMO, needs directing at Everton's board. Clowns.

Spot on. Think today was his last chance sadly. He needed the three points now as next realistic chance is boxing day.

Depends on how fast Dominic Calvert-Lewin gets back to see if we can have a go but... yeah I think he's probably done, even if he shouldn't be, and we're back to the start.

Thanks Marcel and Farhad. Tossers.

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