Homepage Update: [PICTURES] New Everton Kit Leaked?

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Yes, I know that's not how to spell Allan
Instagram mate. Pretty sure Everton have copyrighted/registered the specific blue used for the home shirt, it'll always be the same colour (think it was due to the one2one shirt debacle).

I remember hearing that at the time, but I don't know that it still holds true, necessarily. Last season's dark blue came out of nowhere.


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Couldn't give a [Poor language removed] as I'm not 15 and the club are a shambles on and off the pitch.


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Look at the old pictures of Labby and Alan Ball, nothing wrong with white round neck☺

i know i know, first images that came to my head when i saw the new kit. Just not one for round necks unless they're a t-shirt. We're all different, i don't like stripes in any way - can never think a kit looks good if it has stripes.

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