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Is it me or do the pictures of the new stands look a lot bigger east and west, go and take a look at them, do not know how to post them on here but the look a lot different, especially the west stand.


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From what I've been reading this time you will get one and of the stadiums that actually do finally get built, very few ever get finished on time.
The end result of getting it is all that matters.

Once the building starts the bedsheets can be hung up to dry.

I do understand how frustrating it is when we've had two major failed ground moves. One of which was perfect in Kings Dock, ultimate location.


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Well the height of the stadium was reduced on the redesign & the capacity is the same, so I wouldn’t think they were any bigger.

Looking from the prom at Seacombe it's going to be the same height as the old Tobacco Warehouse and have a much bigger footprint so it will be immense on the skyline.


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APP has been lost behind a filing cabinet at Council HQ.

EFC asked to resubmit a duplicate application, this is received 4 weeks later, and is filed as 'pending', behind Primarks application for an extension.

Councillor Leon Trotsky will have a brief look at this in February 2021.

This will then go to the 'Ways and Means Committee' whose 6 members just happen to be RS fans.

July 2021, EFC claim 'exiting news', with jazzy revamped images on the main website.

August 2021, we all go on holiday for 2 weeks.

Autumn 2021, I will post this crap again, and just alter the dates by one year.

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