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Big Neville Southall

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There's been a few posts on here about the atmosphere not being upto much and there aren't many new songs coming through anymore compared our past output.

Well I know this isn't for everyone but for those who are are pissed off with this there's a chance for you to do something about it starting with the match against Villarael.

If you complain about the atmosphere but don't do it anything about it yourself then **** off.

Some lads are hoping to set up an unofficial standing/singing/ultra area or whatever and are starting it against Villarael, to one day teach the the Blue Order or the Green Brigade how it's really done without your ****ing drums and ****, Everton style, true vocal support, so a chance to get the Everton classics that haven't been sung for many a year.

Of course it will take time so for now, any of your hardcore singers the ticket area is GT4 of the Street End Lower seats MM-PP 100-105.

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