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Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by CalebEFC, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. Zatara

    Zatara Player Valuation: £70m

    Who are the favoured left footed centre backs?

    I notice a few calls for Holgate, lemos etc but perhaps best to have a left footer?
  2. mikeh72

    mikeh72 Player Valuation: £70m

    Sweet Jesus, that is terrifying. This is a priority position for me.
  3. Zatara

    Zatara Player Valuation: £70m

    Only Gibson is left footed isn't he?

    Think its important?

    Mawsons reputation is increasing hugely and Gibson seems interesting and a typical English defender.
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  4. Tony Hibbert's 3rd leg

    Tony Hibbert's 3rd leg Banned as requested Banned

    Jagielka, Holgate (?) and Williams aren't good enough. Williams is okay bit nothing more than that.

    We desperately need another CB with Mori out, who also isn't the great.
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  5. mikeh72

    mikeh72 Player Valuation: £70m

    Said we needed two before the summer started, we did well getting the first one done early so we can focus fully on another target now.
  6. bluestevon

    bluestevon Player Valuation: £70m

    Needed one before this.

    Jagielka is finished.
    Mori is crap and now out long term
    Galloway is loaned out
    Pennington is championship standard
    Holgate isn't physically ready to play cb in this league yet.
    Williams is flawed and slooooow.

    Only have one quality cb at the club in Keane.

    We as it stands have a -10m or so overall spend, we will almost certainly now bring in another 60m or sales if McCarthy, niasse and Barkley all go.

    So even accounting for 50 for sigurdsson and say 30 for giroud we'd be breaking even on money out and in.

    Yes showed ambition etc with business concluded early etc. But to not even touch the vast sky money that come in, and other revenue which has increased and go into a season with Williams as a starting cb with jags backup would hardly show we are ambitious.
  7. The Rhino

    The Rhino Player Valuation: £8m

    Our defensive options are a joke. We need at minimum another CB and LB coming in, sort it out Koeman can't be doing with another season of Jags and Mori and Williams looks unfit and Baines is past it.
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  8. Bally8

    Bally8 Banned Banned

    We needed another CB before this. If you think Williams is good enough you need your head testing
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  9. hktoffee

    hktoffee Player Valuation: £70m

    de Vrj? But he is right footed.
  10. bluesb1970

    bluesb1970 Player Valuation: £10m

    Mate of mine supports Boro and he absolutely loves Gibson. Good shout.
  11. Papa Shango

    Papa Shango Player Valuation: £50m

    Yeah agreed. Seems to have gone from overrated to underrated recently. He would be a decent option.
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  12. Stutheblue

    Stutheblue Player Valuation: £25m Forum Supporter

    Obviously VVD is more likely to go to the RS. So Gibson is a good shout for me. Him and Keane together. And what about that Ajax player (Riedewald?). Or has he gone to Palace?
  13. blueloon

    blueloon Player Valuation: £20m

    Really? Would love to see your evidence for this. Henry Onyekuru is the only one we've bought and immediately loaned out , and that for work permit reasons, and if you believe he has little hope of ever making the first team then you should be advising Steve Walsh about your ability to see the future. Galloway is the only other youngster I can recall that we've bought and who is currently out on loan and he's had first team experience so he hardly meets your criteria of little hope of ever making the first team.
  14. Darth Toffeeman

    Darth Toffeeman Player Valuation: £40m

    We always did need 2 top class central defenders this window.

    Keane was one.

    There are lots out there that would improve us as we are starting from a poor benchmark.
    Jagielka was once a colossus but age father time has caught up. Williams is solid but lacks a yard that can be crucial.
    Holgate is brilliant in a 3 (my preference), but looks exposed in a back 2. Mori is erratic and clumsy (good squad player).
    The rest are not up to scratch sadly.

    VVD/Koulibaly would be ideal. Mawson looks a very good prospect (would be funny after Sigurdsson to say 'while we are here how much for...)
    Gibson could form a potential partnership with Keane, the likes we have not seen since Jags and Lescott at their best.

    Certainly a position that needs upgrading.
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  15. JammyP

    JammyP Player Valuation: £20m

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