More relevant in the next 2 years? Benitez or James

Who will be more relevant in the next 2 years

  • Benitez: He will lead us to glory

    Votes: 42 51.9%
  • James: He actually has talent

    Votes: 39 48.1%

  • Total voters
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James could have had an impact this season but it was decided we would rather just end up with a wafer thin squad. Unfortunately I think Benitez will take us back to the Walter Smith years. Not likely to get relegated but a top half finish will be celebrated like its 1999. If James had just played 25 games I bet we would have won 15-18 and he would have had an impact in most of them. Unfortunately it will be Benitez who has more relevance to us as he takes us backwards.
James is a beautiful, intuitive player who best serves an open, flowing team, which EFC currently is not. As such, losing him is more an aesthetic than a practical loss.
Where's the cheese option?

Both these guys will be irrelevant to me within a year or so.
Good stuff yanks. What can you tell us of the longevity of our kopite manager? You spent 24 hours as one so your knowledge on this matter is valued.
No player is bigger than our club. We’ve bounced back from worse.

Benitez actually wants to manage us, whereas James didn’t.

James went running to Qatar at the first opportunity.

Where is the Potter option?

Bouncing Ballsack Benny will be long gone with millions in compensation in two years. He'll be managing Tranmere by that point, because he "gets" the people so much ...and they are local.
Benitez - stop gap (no idea for what though)

James - very good footballer but more of a brand and not the sort of guy you can rely on, we can’t afford luxuries.

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