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Wing-back or Welder, your private life should be separated from your public life/job.

The Welder...or Wing-back...doesn't do his job there are consequences, administered by, for want of a better word - The Boss.
He Drink drives, there are consequences, administered by the legal system.

Having been both, in some phases of my life and tbh I was better Welder than Wing-back, anybody who sees me as a role model, needs to look to themselves rather than to me as a good example.

Welder, Wing-back, it's just a job ffs, you get paid, the amount you get paid doesn't make you a better person.
In Tom's case the comparatively large amount just allows you to buy more daft clothes.
The club will be , and has been, around for a long time. Players, managers and owners will come and go. We can pass judgement on the individuals as people and hold them in a different view in what they do for our club. It s a different lens to view them and should not be confused with reality.
Really like this article. Raises some good questions

I'm not sure you can make the generalisation that private life and public life/job should be separate. It very much depends on what your transgression is and what your job is. Somebody who admits to looking at child porn but has never done anything - would you want that person to keep their job as a primary school teacher? would you allow the person who robbed their granny's life savings work as an accountant? If everything was separate Wayne Couzens could still be a police officer.

Of course there is rumour and there is speculation but in some cases there is cold hard fact. and yes, people do make mistakes, nobody is perfect and if somebody is genuinely sorry then they should be forgiven - the recovered alcoholics, the reformed gamblers. Having said that serial transgressors who have no moral compass or social awareness should never be allowed to be in a position where they can influence others whether it is because they are footballers or any other celebrity.

For example I have zero sympathy for Paul Gascoigne, spent all his money, beat up his wife, paid unwanted sexual attention to a woman on a train by trying to kiss her because she was fat and looked looked like she needed cheering up. He's vile. If Everton had been taken over by the current owners of NUFC I would never interact with them again. I'm massively struggling already with the fact that the Premier League has allowed that takeover. It makes a complete mockery of all the inclusivity they are trying to promote. Money talks. Lots of money always gets what it wants.

On the other hand you have Dolly Parton - who, amongst other things, donated $1m to COVID vaccine research and promotes child literacy in which each month, enrolled children from birth to age five, receive a high quality, age appropriate book in the post, free of charge.

Tom Davies is a nice lad - he may not be good enough for Everton. He doesn't deserve the abuse he gets. He is one of those people who I would be shocked and saddned if he was caught doing something he shouldn't.
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