2019/20 Michael Keane

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Player Valuation: £70m
Noticed this quote by brands from the AGM “We almost succeeded in that but as you know we didn't succeed with the last central defender but, until now, we didn't have any problems because Mason Holgate did very well, Yerry Mina did well and Michael Keane was there again, and did well." that little hesitation towards the end suggests that even marcel knows hes turd
Main thing is he started with Holgate, they have to know he is number one, I suspect he also knows Mina is crap


Player Valuation: £35m
Main thing is he started with Holgate, they have to know he is number one, I suspect he also knows Mina is crap
Mina’s not crap. It’s about building partnerships. After last season with Zouma, most were saying Keane had a great season.

I read somewhere we have faced fewer shots on goal than every prem team bar city & Liverpool this season. Not sure how true that is. And when you consider the failings from set pieces under silva. That fact Pickford hasn’t has a great season, in terms of shots to saves( I think he’s the worst this season) missing our defensive midfielder all season. Team changing constantly due to injuries.

That would suggest defensively we aren’t a bad team. I can see Keane going in the summer. And hopefully a top quality CB comes in. With Gibson or another young player signed to be 4th choice

Not open for further replies.

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