Transfer Rumour Matheus Luiz Nunes


Please check with me for Blammo criteria
The third lightning strike was my fave.

Strange compilition of fouls and how to get into a good position and pick the wrong pass.

He will fit in well here.

A pairing of him and Gomes will be * Fire emoji *

My favourite goal was when he mishit it weakly and the goalkeeper let it under his body at the near post.

Cue a scene out of Storm Chasers as we saw it from eight angles. I've earthed myself just in case.


….we’ve had no options to Gomes, if this fella does sign we will have with added dimension of running power and mobility.

If true, it’s encouraging that Brands is looking at the type of player we need, he looks better than what we have.

Plus lightning strikes when he scores.

I will make contact with Everton and suggest they invest in some surge protection at Goodison and Finch Farm.

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