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Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE OR LESS ONLY!


Player Valuation: Free Transfer
Still looking for tickets to the Aston Villa game - anyone got any spare? Preferably next to eachother but anything is apperciated!


Player Valuation: £750k
Hi everyone, I will be going England from the US and would like to go to the game on April 8th against Manchester Utd. What would be the best way to get tickets to that match? Last time I went to a match was 7 years ago and it was at Goodison. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Player Valuation: £35m
Got an adult and u17s in the family enclosure available for Arsenal.

It's our season ticket cards so ideally they would need to be picked up and dropped back off on the wirral.
HI mate,

No need to hand over physical cards.

Surprisingly, the ticket transfer portal Everton set up works flawlessly. (not the resale section on the main website, there's a seperate site.)

You log in with your details associated with the ticket, select the game in question and enter the email address of the recipient.

You can even recall the ticket if they don't pay you. ;)


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