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Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE OR LESS ONLY!

It's definitely trickier to get home tickets this season than in previous years. Palace didn't even go past members to general sale, and I had to keep refreshing the resale and just taking what I could get. I don't mind sitting apart so it was fine for me, but if you need 2 or more together, it is a struggle this year.

Call it the Lampard effect perhaps
I'm not using my two for Man Utd this Sunday.
Both together in Top Balcony towards the back but still a cracker of a spec.
Can either meet in town Saturday pm/Sunday am or outside before.

Possibly but I'd rather they went as a pair.

Singles always pop up and it's harder for people looking for doubles/triples so I like to give them the chance.

Got no miserable Evertonian mates?
Haha , I've already got 1 , for top balcony, and im looking for another so i can take take a mate.

If you can't, no probs ... just thought it would be worth an ask

Thank you anyway ??