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I am as underwhelmed as many regarding the names linked to be our new manager but the facts are that all we can do is click for updates every 30 minutes or so and hope we get the best available. I regard the comments on the New Everton Manager thread as cathartic and in some cases humorous.
Having spent a week in this mode, I started thinking, whoever it is, what do I want to see in the first season? Yes I guess that could fill a page but it struck me the comments this season regarding our lack of pattern/style of play were bang on and the issue needed addressing as a priority.

It seems to me, although I only watch them on You Tube, that the U23s do not play in any manner which could be associated with the first team as under Ancelotti and previous, our pattern of play was all over the place. The development of our youth/U23 players should surely be such as if we for example, have a wide left player injured we have a temporary replacement from the U23s.

I have not seen this happen at Everton for many years as respective managers have chosen to cover by playing members of the first team squad in positions they were not suited.

As a result, I feel it is a priority for Brands, who I do not dislike, to ensure that there is a defined style of play and the attributes needed for each position to deliver that at each level. To do so, he will need to reach agreement with the new manager and Unsworth and then assess progress. He should be doing no less in his DOF role

I could have said more but in summary, I believe this particular issue needs to be grasped to hopefully begin to elominate the repeated cycle of dross we have endured for too long.

Thanks for reading.

Not open for further replies.
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