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Where was the attitude and hunger we showed against villa? We were absolutely pathetic today. We just gave up after going down to 10.

Can't get too annoyed at this, we all knew the ref was going to be shocking, its an anfield derby, they always are. The bigger loses are the ones earlier in the season
I dunno why the ref bothered to check VAR even. It was like the one by Romero of Spurs against Arsenal. Obvious handball but a load of time-wasting VAR. Get rid of it and get on with the game. It's ruining football.
No var today, and I guarantee at least 3 penalties for the no keep var

Moan about referees all you want but Ashley Young making that second challenge on a yellow card is as moronic as it gets. Michael Keane sticking his arm out before the ball is even kicked in an era where defenders put their arms behind their back just sums him up.

You can mask the limitations of [Poor language removed] players but you can't cover up stupidity. This defeat is on them two.
If he sends Konate off the Keane thing doesn't happen
and if patterson starts we don't go down to 10 men.

whatabout-isms = bs-isms
"All things being equal..." you mean.

It seems to be a commonly held notion around here that if you change one element in a system, all the other elements will continue to proceed as they would've without the change. But that's not how material reality works.

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