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Match Thread Liverpool v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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On the midfield complains, who would you rather plays? Our whole selection of MF players is horrible and he knows it, do we go for Davies who offers nothing at all in attack or defence, or Delph who slows the game down to a backwards passing competition? Sigurdsson has more quality going forward and set plays there really is no doubt about that.

He’s the best of what we have sad but true.

Jim Hopper

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The problem we face at their ground regardless of who they start is our mentality. We need to get over going there and being frightened of the occasion and just give it a proper go. I don’t expect us to walk over their starting XI today, still think it will be a very tough game but it’s definitely more of an advantage for us with them playing a weakened team. Time to rise to the occasion now for once Everton.


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Their youngsters look technically good on the ball but they're also so nieve and lack big game experience. They got humiliated vs Villa with some of these lads.

Have to be a few goals up at half time before they bring their big hitters on.
That was at Villa though.

Crowd will be up for this. their youth versus Sigurdson. Only one winner.


Player Valuation: £40m
Are there no rules about team selection? I mean I could understand what Liverpool did against Villa (kind of) but this is very disrespectful to neutral fans, broadcasting and the FA... they played 3 days ago and don't have another game for a week.

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