Match Thread League Cup Third Round vs Sunderland (H) - THERE ARE NO STREAMS FFS

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So presumably Wednesday 20th (playing Man U on the Sunday 17th).

Sevilla, Stoke, (Hajduk) Split, Spurs.. Sunderland.. 'sake Everton!!


Make of THAT what you will
Thankyou to the draw god for this.

Hopefully we absolutely leather them , a merciless crushing


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Good draw all the top teams. Going to be a difficult cup competition to win, even against the weakened teams.


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I obviously want us to win every game and take cup competitions seriously, but as long as we progress in Europe tonight, I just can't see this being a high priority for Koeman. Expect your JonJoe Kenny's and your Liam Walsh's to be sniffing around this one.

I'd be made up to be proven wrong and we put a full strength team out for it though.
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