2023/24 Kevin Thelwell

A shiny new thread for Big Kev.
Imagine how much better this season’s thread could be if we can get a few of these more exciting links turned into signings!

Resume name calling in

From the outside looking in, not a single club with any sort of decent aspirations are envious of us employing this fella or the kind of players we are being linked with.

On the flip side and to be fair to him, we don’t know the kind of discussions that have taken place privately , who for example gave their approval for the likes of Maupay and Vinagre and was he part of the process that believed they would be good additions or was he not in favour.
It's very funny that everyone will agree that Kenwright and Moshiri meddle with transfers but in the same breath blame Thelwell for every decision we make.

I haven't a clue whether he's the right man or not, the only way we'll know for certain is with decent owners in charge.

…never forget he nearly got us relegated, he’s guilty of gross negligence.
In what way eggs? The failure to sign a striker?
Personally I think it was the failure to relieve frank of his duties that nearly did it for us. He should have gone after Bournemouth but was allowed to drag us further and further down. Dyche worked a minor miracle from that position he was given.
Whether you accept it or not, the facts show that the profile of the players he’s signing long term are young, ambitious and have talent. Much better than signing has beens that have failed at bigger clubs.

…never forget he nearly got us relegated, he’s guilty of gross negligence.
True did play his part hopefully we can get more players in, but this window apart from the Ekitike deal who i am not sure who has being doing the work. It looks like the club have finally let him do the job.