Transfer Rumour Keane Lewis-Potter

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I think that is probably right. There is no way we could afford in excess of 40m for the two when we have other positions that need filling as well.

We'll have to see who else comes in.

I'd say around £40mil for them both would have been good business.

Again, how interested where we in reality - if he's third on a list behind ones we think we can get then we'd be stupid to react to Brentfords bid.

Like the player, but is he actually what we 'need' or is he a 'want'.

Ultimately that's the way we need to do business this summer, get the needs then if we have room try get some of the wants in.

Note to self, stop talking like an economist...

If you're going to take a very glass half full approach, we are being very fiscally prudent, and ultimately looking to get players very cheaply. If it works out, it will work very well, but we do run the risk of not signing someone.

We put a bid in, I believe of 4m up front and some on add ons. Brentford rate him more highly. That's their look out.

It's like the link to MGW, initially floated at 20-25 then started being 30m to let him go.

For a lad who had one good season in the championship, isn't in their starting plans, knocked back a new contract and is entering the last two years of his deal.

He'll go for a similar price to Potter in a few weeks max.

I dont know if you've worked in negotiations mate, but that's how it works when you get a deadline.

People assume price can increase, but in a lot of cases, prices tend to tumble come the deadline. It's a food chain, the premium buy first, and it trickles down. We are not at the premium end now, and currently are in the cue at the back end.

We tried one season to muscle in at the start, in 2017/18 which was our worst recruitment in my lifetime, and set up on a negative spiral weve still not completely recovered from.

It's for players like Winks, forget what sort of negotiator Levy is, his availability is only going 1 way. He wont be in their squad and he will want to leave. 20m, has already gone to a loan with an obligation at 20m. It will probably end up as a loan quite quickly.

It will be similar with us too. If someone comes in at the back end of the window, and says we will pay 70% of Gomes wages, we will look at it.

Anyway, long post, we should be holding off and waiting a bit, until people start to blink on price.

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