Transfer Rumour Keane Lewis-Potter

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I wonder if we sold Dom/Richarlison, and got in these 2 plus Broja if people would be happy?

Would take an awful lot to make me ‘happy’ about Richy leaving and Dom too but to a lesser extent.
Throw in Gallagher on a permanent and I’d be getting happier but leaves us very short up top.

I get that we are probably going to have to sell, but I'm not going to be happy if we lose Richarlison. We won't be able to get someone as good.
If we had a big offer for Richarlison from Madrid id be happy for him to get the move. But extremely disappointed at him leaving. It could though be Kean and Gray = KLP and Johnson?

If Richarlison did go then perhaps Lewis-Potter and Johnson replace him on the wings with cash over towards Gallagher?

Alternatively it may be that were looking at him for Attacking centre midfield (10?) position. I saw he had played almost half this season there and almost half at left wing.

Whether hes worth the £30mil or not its promising that were after this type of profile.
….a new thread for every player we’re linked with.
A bid seems to have been made and rejected.

Watch this space...
Another winger? We've got millions of them lol

I think he plays as a number 10 quite a lot. He scored more goals as an ACM than he did as a winger last season. I can remember people cacking themselves over the Richarlison fee, I get the same impression here. The lad will be worth it.

‘Keane is like God’s gift to us,’ said Ilicali at an impromptu press conference at the MKM Stadium on Thursday. ‘He has extreme potential. He is going to be one of the biggest stars of the future.

‘Of course, we have big offers for him. If I had any interest in making any money, there cannot be a better deal than that.

‘You buy a football club and you sell the left winger and you make enough money to make all the transfers.

‘But I reject all of these. Even if they offer £30m to me, I will not sell him because I think his presence is much more important than anything for this club at the moment.

‘He will be so useful for our team and our fans that I will not lose him.

‘When I have something shiny, I do everything to get it. But in this case, he is already with us, so nobody can take him from us.

‘I cannot say what he thinks. I can only tell you that I am very focused on keeping him because he is a fantastic player. He is one of a kind.’

Sounds like even 30m wont be enough.


Ah carn spake
Never heard of him, who does he play for?

EDIT: Just checked and it seems he's Gordon with a bit more end product.
If he turns out as good as Bowen has for West Ham then he'd be a good player to get, that being said it'd be mad for us to spend massive money on a kid like that when there are other glaring issues in the squad that need patching first.

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