Confirmed Signing James Tarkowski

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I'll play.

West Ham no
Leicester is a maybe
Brighton is a maybe
Wolves no
Newcastle maybe
Palace no
I don't even know who plays CB for Brentford tbh so I guess yes
Villa no
Saints yes

Is this a daily game where you just throw out bizarre viewpoints so people either scratch their head or laugh and shake their head?

He gets in every one of those teams imo

You dont think he gets into Villa, Palace, Wolves or West Ham...maybe Leicester, Brighton and Newcastle.

Thats a word for that.

Think some of you are gonna get a massive shock when you realise we have signed Michael Keane Mk2.

Which isnt a bad thing, big Mickey Keggers was great at times last season, fundamental in us staying up.
Even if one believes Keane is the better player, or that they’re the equal in terms of defensive abilities, Tarkowski is still a huge improvement. Tarkowski is Keane after he’s been to the wizard of Oz for a heart. Completely different character, vastly superior mentality

Not open for further replies.