It's no coincidence that...


no balls, no everton shirt,
I think what she does is a parody of those exact people. She is on your side and she's a blue.

Its 100% a pisstake, taking shots at other peoples woeful attempts at creating content online, and she is good at it. She calls herself the pound land Lindsey Lohan.

I havnt got twitter but my mate was telling me yesterday , just what you have said about her taking the piss, believe some of the others are good as well the finch farm one he said was good.
Not really. People today are desperate for attention and recognition. The term "making it" seems to be quite vague as to what "it" is. They are confusing fame and notoriety.

It's a slippery slope. Starts off with these cringe videos and ends with her posting videos of her shoving that recorder up her snatch.
Always been the same. Just a few more ways of getting there than jumping on the casting couch these days. Desperate aspiration to a vague ideal of "making it" isn't a modern phenomenon.

There are plenty of people making nonsense on social media. A young woman making a few daft videos on her own terms isn't a slippery slope to woodwind instrument fetishism videos. It is possible for women to have a bit of a laugh and enjoy something for the sake of it or a genuine desire to be creative.

Seems a bit odd that you somehow equate women and cameras with pornography.

Go back over any entertainer or comedian who "made it" throughout history and imagine they were teens now. Wouldn't they be making daft stuff on the internet? The same way that young musicians put their stuff out on the internet.
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Our first derby win at Anfield in 21 years coincided with the release of this powerful piece of Everton related performance art.

It's become clear that in order to dominate we simply need more motivational art like the above
Good god! I'm wondering if it was really worth it!

Saint Domingo

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Tbh after about 15 years of being completely crap it’s just nice to see Evertonians having a bit of pride and giving it back a bit. Probably haven’t felt this optimistic since 04/05 and Moyes taking us into 4th. Even then we kind of knew deep down we didn’t have the money to compete long term. Now we have Spurs and Arsenal in free fall with limited budgets and even Liverpool’s pot of money seems to have dried up. Meanwhile we’ve got one of the best managers in Europe, a new stadium on the horizon, and we’re finally back to winning derbies and challenging the top 6. It’s only right that some of the fans should be allowed to enjoy it.


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She is obviously a very smart girl and I would rather see someone trying to entertain rather than just bore us with their "personality". Plus she reminds me a lot of my granddaughter so I am already inclined to like her.


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Most of the ppl that hate on her are reds....and just shows you exactly what they are about.

The irony that they support a team from the city, yet completely miss the whole scouse-humor, is brilliant.

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