If Silva is sacked - who could/should we get?

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Billy Dean

Player Valuation: £70m
why? Has been far more successful in England than Marco Silva has
I think Howe's earned a crack at a bigger job too. But he also can't really organise a defence and I think we need someone to sort us out in that area a little bit.


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I don't know who but I'd like someone experienced, say 10-15 years plus in management, and someone with snide.

I prefer authoritarian, cranky managers who can put a poker up someone's backside as well as rile the opposition.

Perhaps if we acknowledge the state we are in and look for someone who can address that whilst at the same time wanting to progress the club?

It wouldn't be a galactico manager and for various reasons that's not what we need anyway.

Conte would be my ideal in a fantasy world - I love his passion. We need a big character on the touchline.

There is this template now that managers must be young, foreign, and progressive but that doesn't always make for the right choice.

Billy Dean

Player Valuation: £70m
You want to follow the death spiral of:


with ...

No mate, my post says I don't think he's right for us currently, but generally I think he's earned the chance at a bigger club after the job he's done at Bournemouth.


Player Valuation: £8m
I would want a serial winner, not the latest flavour of the month.
Anyone is available if you throw enough money at them.
I want someone with a plan on how to win football games with a pattern of play that you can see and they have plan B if it's or going well.
I don't care if they live in Manchester or have Klopp as a mate or don't even like us, if they win games that's enough.


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Well that's me sold, let's get the weak little ferret in

look, I;m not advocating for him to be brought in I'm just saying that he has a far better record than Silva, I genuinely never understood the hype around him. It lends itself again to this, 'european sexy managers' bracket where, when it's boiled down, aren't actually that good. I do think that we should look at us like Spurs in the sense that they were a bit ruthless hiring and firing after a long-ish manager in the form of Redknapp (similar to Martinez's stay), e.g AVB, Sherwood both sacked after. They then fell upon Pochettino who has transformed them.
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