General Meeting 09.01.2018

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by brieverton, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. brieverton

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    I thought it would be good to have a dedicated thread to discuss this. Not expecting anything from it myself really but the levels of optimism and enthusiasm at the club and amongst the fanbase have taken a right battering since the last meeting.

    All in all, it has been quite a dreadful year for the club. There is a lot to reflect on.

    Aside from the obvious stage management that will occur, what specific points would you like to see discussed and addressed?

    -I would love to see Steve Walsh come forth and give his assessment on the state of the squad and of the business done in the January and Summer 2017 windows.

    -I would also like to hear Elstone, or anybody really, try to explain the car-crash communications strategy at the club, and why Jim White is used as Moshiris mouthpiece.

    -Nor am I happy with SportPesa as main sponsor, we could surely have done better there. Not only are they a 3rd rate, shadowy operator, they see fit to poke fun at us on social media. Has/will this be addressed?
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  2. toffee matt

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    Will Jim White be there?
  3. GwladysBlue

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    The club is an absolute joke at the minute. Can’t see anything change anytime soon, unless we have a complete overhaul of the directors at the club.
  4. lancs blue

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    Elstone will spin the content and kenwright will sit there grinning with moshers too incompetent to disaree. Unless the likes of elstone etc are cleared out things won't change. Waste of time going
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  5. bullybeef

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    Jim White announced as the new Director of Communications.

  6. Bob Latchford

    Bob Latchford Player Valuation: £10m

    Announcement on the new stadium which is to be named the Peter Johnson arena featuring the Mike Walker family enclosure.

  8. royalbalou

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    That David Moyes needs a haircut
  9. summerisle

    summerisle I love a bit of faux outrage in the morning Player Thread Sponsor Forum Supporter

    Everton mints to be rebranded to nothing will be the same mints. Thin shell with an extremely soft centre.
  10. kithnou

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    I’d love to see one shareholder show some intestinal fortitude and challenge Moshiri and the Board on their collective clueless approach when it comes to on field progression.
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  11. chrismpw

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    Maybe we'll hear what became of the arteta money.
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  12. Lob

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    I would love for Moshiri to stand up in the meeting and announce that he is having a massive shake up from the top down and a complete reorganisation of Everton Football Club as their performance throughout for the last couple of decades has been nothing short of shambolic and a clean up and complete fresh start is required for the club to be able to move forward.

    Never going to happen of course but that is what has been needed for quite a few years now. To get rid of weeds, the only way to do it is to get rid of the roots.
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  13. ArtetaMoney

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    I’m doing well thanks mate.
  14. Boba Fret

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    We can but dream.
  15. maccavennie

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