Confirmed Signing Fabian Delph

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Player Valuation: £70m
“Every time I have played against Everton, whether it was home or away, straight away the first thing that comes to mind when you see the fans is passion," Delph told evertontv. "The Everton fans seem to know football, seem to understand it, it seems to be in their blood and they really back the team.

"You are always going to hear Evertonians and I’m excited to play at home and hear them when I am playing."
He couldn't be more wrong haha


Player Valuation: £25m
Happy with this signing, man's a winner with a wealth of experience, who can play. Gomes and Gueye now have competition.


Player Valuation: £40m
Smart getting him signed up to a 3 year deal. Walsh would’ve given him 6 years and £200k pw.

If he can stay fit I think he’ll win a lot of us over. Until then it’s a risky signing who barely played last season.

Marco/Marcel are yet to disappoint with signings so it’s well worth backing him..

Darth Toffeeman

Player Valuation: £60m
Welcome to Everton.

I expected us to steer clear of older players, but for the fee involved, his winning mentality and versatility, he appears a shrewd acquisition.

He can cover Digne at LB which is a big plus.

Barry and Milner have both enjoyed their spells on Merseyside after becoming surplus at City. If he can replicate that we have done well.


Player Valuation: £35m
I'm underwhelmed by him and then some but will get behind him as with all the others when they put on the jersey.

This signing becomes better if we shift McCarthy and Besic out.

I guess people want the glamour signings first and then those that add depth but you can't have it every way.

Hoping we can go on to do some good business on younger players and then this signing becomes more acceptable.

Let's wait and see what the next few weeks bring.


Player Valuation: £10m
Nice one the club has brought someone in with a winning mentality and splinters in his arse just need another 10 more and job done


Clique Spokesperson
Wasn’t Joyce the first to be bang on with his fee? £8.5m + £1.5m add ons.

I thought he wasn’t getting info anymore? My take is that he’s still very much in the loop but a couple of straight talking articles has annoyed some fans.
Dunno, he gets odds and bobs, but havent seen him dropping names in his articles for a while myself like.

But you are probably right.
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