Match Thread Everton v West Ham Utd; Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll.

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Mr PEN86

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P*ss poor today. Don't know why he continued to persist with Rondon. He's clearly out of his depth. Rubbish end to the weekend but we go again Vs Norwich. Richy + DCL back next week so hopefully no Iwobi and Rondon ?


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That was awful. No creativity. Never looked like winning it. The standout players of the last while were missing today. Godfrey having second season syndrome unfortunately.


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Nothing wrong with benitez. The problem is injuries and the bench. There is nothing there. If we can't change that situation then we are just going to finish a predictable mid table


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We win that with Dom and Richarlison on the pitch. All our chances fell to our worst players. The nerve of some people to moan about DCL not being good enough. We're playing with 10 men with that whale blowing out his arse by the 10th minute.
Do we?
Every other pass went to a west ham player. Godfrey and Pickford were a goal waiting to happen.

big nev lookalike

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We deserved to lose.Started off poorly and just weren’t in it after that. Very negative performance and not changing things before the goal was also extremely negative. That is down to the manager.
I think Keane was our best player today.


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They were poor as well they barely created anything against a poor team and relied on a corner. We should have just won that.

They created plenty mate, should have scored three in the first half

They didn't have to get out of second gear and they controlled the game, they're far better than us (granted with our two best players out but as I keep saying, DCL and Richarlison don't suddenly turn us into a team that can control the ball for periods of time do they)

II McColl II

Player Valuation: £6m
Can't really get my head around what i just watched.

Played West Ham like they were Man City, gave them far too much respect.

If the 1st 75 minutes weren't bad enough after being 1 down Doucoure just decides to run up front with both wingers and we then spend the next 15 minutes incapable of moving forwards as no one's available for a defender to just give a simple pass to.

Even the crowd didn't seem up for it today.

Absolutely bizarre game.

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