Match Thread Everton v West Ham Utd; Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll.

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We're an embarrassingly crap team. Half of that side should be congratulated on secesfully conning the world into believing that they're professional footballers.
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Player Valuation: £40m
Do we?
Every other pass went to a west ham player. Godfrey and Pickford were a goal waiting to happen.
Yeah, Iwobi probably should've had a brace and chubby up front had about 3 headers wide not to mention the countless balls rolling across the West Ham 6 Yard box. Swap Iwobi and Fatty for Richy and Dom and we win that.

Also is the Pickford you're mentioning the same one who just done 2 outstanding saves from about 10 yards out? Have a day off on the Pickford thing lad

Tipp blue

If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.
Replace Iwobi with Richarlison

Replace Rondon with Calvert-Lewin

We win the
game. Simple as that.

Two players who simply aren’t good enough are getting games due to injuries. Not going to be too despondent about it, just look forward to those two forwards getting back into the team.
We win it comfortably with those two in.


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Bad game, move on I reckon. It’s very obvious we desperately need Richarlison and DCL back though, as the drop off in quality is huge.

Thought today was the first game that Allan and Doucoure weren’t very good too, which contributed


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Can't really get my head around what i just watched.

Played West Ham like they were Man City, gave them far too much respect.

If the 1st 75 minutes weren't bad enough after being 1 down Doucoure just decides to run up front with both wingers and we then spend the next 15 minutes incapable of moving forwards as no one's available for a defender to just give a simple pass to.

Even the crowd didn't seem up for it today.

Absolutely bizarre game.
Agree. Crowd were flat and the team were poor. It had 1-0 to them written all over it.


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Every home game the opposition has more of the ball than us,unacceptable when you play teams below us in the table we should be bossing the game.

Youve put far too much value on league positions after only a handful of games. West Ham are clearly a far better side than us, just as they were last season. Expecting us to boss them is ridiculous.


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Few things that stood out from the match.

Pickford with arms couldn't outjump Antonio with his head to the ball.

Rondon is played better but still a poor showing.

Iwobi is still bad at decision making.

Need someone intelligent with composure in central midfield to collect the ball, link defence with attack and control the tempo.

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