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I think after 43 years that I've had my fill of Everton.

We've been beaten twice at home by Luton Town this season. Good luck to them. I suspect they'll do the treble by season's end. Following us now is about court cases, appeals, points deductions, and successive losses at home to Luton. They look more honest than us to me. I'm resigning myself to the inevitable. We're not good enough to help ourselves out of what looks, increasingly, like a campaign to relegate us.

On you Dyche.........what excuses now. Outplayed most of the game, (by Luton), unstructured, lack of talent, disaster of a game. Might be knee jerk but so disappointed and we also have relegation written all over us. What can you do about having no Doucoure, what can you do about DCL

Never like going out of any cup competition (although I've got used to it a lot) but given the state of that performance we're going to need everything we've got to stay in the league, it may in the end turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

I'm 32 years old. In my waking life I've seen us get to wembley once in my life

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