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Everton Man of the Match

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Pleased with that - a decent result, a good game, and some spirited stuff from our boys. Just need to do that against the other 18 sides in the league. 50p Head really at the races today, which was good to see. A bit more about us in the final third and we'd have put them to the sword. A long way from the slaughtering many feared... have that lot just run out of steam at the critical moment?

Ring master

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Ive never till i heard Klopp blame the wind months and months ago use that excuse before,never mind using it today and for about the 3rd/4th,as well as its the grass fault and whatever else he thinks of

john jako

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2nd half much better. Silva the fraud got his subs correct. Was pleasing. Could of been great if we got the winner but drawing against the supposedly the best team in the league is decent. Atleast we mess them up.


Te parto la puta cara!
Thought Gana was the man again. Really playing for that move in the summer, which is fine by me if it wins us points

Up the flipping toffees!

Now get better so we can get revved up to beat them before the next one instead of being nervous wrecks before and even more so during and just hoping not to lose. I couldn't sit down for the last half hour....pacing around.


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Coleman,& Richaliton looked a better combination than Wallcote likewise Dighne & Bernard looks good too!
Also we found out what Tuson is best at drying the ball for long throws lol

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