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Went for a Shower at Half-Time, thought it was done, my lad in bits, I thought, is there a 94 moment in there somewhere, I posted months ago that I didn't think they would have the fight when push came to shove and deep down I didnt think there was...............

What do I know eh?

So, so relived we got it over the line and actually that second half performance was ala Martinez, Phenomenal! Gutted we couldn't be there with those that were to share that moment (I think it may have surpassed Bayern for atmosphere?!)

My neighbours came out when me and my lad were dancing around the garden last night making sure we were ok, lol, Northants has never seen anything like us rabid beasts last night!

Very emotional this morning.

Scenes like that are the lifeblood of why we do what we do for this Club.

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What an absolute class ending to the home games. The fans carrying the mighty blues to safety and the players singing and standing with the fans at the end was great to see. This club causes you hell and makes you want to bang your head against a brick wall but boy when it comes together there is no club like us UTFT

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