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No idea why,but i actually fancy us to win 2-1,if its because we have won a few in a row i am not sure,and i am not one for just saying Everton win for the sake of it in any games


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Arsena's defense is absolutely awful and we can definitely get something if we get on top of such a weak defense, The problem is that Lacazette and Aubameyang are such a deadly duo that it's gonna be hard keep them quiet when Arsenal play the quick passing team goal type of way.


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Think we'll win this

If we can get at least 4 points from Arsenal and United then that's incredible given how awful we've been vs the top 6 over the last 4 years or so


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A win would mark quite an upturn, given Saturday and the win against Chelsea.

Important to use home advantage against a side that whilst dangerous, is not all that really.

I'd like to put one over them, given their tendency to give us more than a few hammerings over the years.

Any win will do, but hopefully one based on a good performance and clean sheet.



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they are utter dog turd at the back so that's our game plan, don't they have the semis of the Europa league inbetween our game as well? hopefully caught up in that

honestly think we can beat these if we play like we have and we keep their 2 strikers quiet


Player Valuation: £70m
There are days when Arsenal (and Chelsea sometimes) don't travel well north of Watford...I had that feeling 2 weeks ago and said nothing...though the first half did nothing to support the theory...thing is, I'm still feeling the North of Watford vibe.
Just sayin like.
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