Everton takeover rumours

Will anything come of today's buyer/investor news?

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Have done a really impressive job with Kansas.
Seem ideal should they be interested.

Probably won't happen but it wouldn't be a bad time for Bill to sell. The clubs value has increased dramatically with the tv money. It must be worth at least 10x what he paid now. He would be leaving the club in far better condition than when he took over and if rumours of bad health are true then he could probably do without the stress of it.
Read this on another American site this morning. But like signing a player. Start believing only when you see them with the jersey and scarf.

AGM is on soon so perfect timing to take some heat off the board and create another smokescreen

I hope im wrong but wel watch this space I suppose.

I wonder if anything over a takeover will even happen in my lifetime. Its the golden carrot isnt it, we all hang our hope onto it yet its always out of reach.

I wonder who would be our new chairman if bill had to step down! Can't see anyone on the board stepping up, maybe elstone?
They're probably there discussing how to improve match day experience since thats what their company specialises in. They also specialise in online fan engagement and we've just released that web browser.

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