Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

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Player Valuation: £500k

Defender wages in Premier League, does Tarkowski really deserve to get 90k p/w based on ablity? I'm not sure.


Player Valuation: £2.5m
Better? Hmm, I dunno, I would call it a draw, Mina aside.
Maybe they're hoping being reunited with him will bring the best out of Keane. He might be the glue that holds Keane's nerves together. But honestly I really hope this isn't the route we're taking. And as much as I feel Keane has always tried his best for us he clearly suffers so much from a lack of confidence that we really should try and move him on. I think he could do with a fresh start as much as we could. Just want us to bring in some faces that haven;t been around the block for the last decade and now see us as a great retirement package.


Player Valuation: £70m
Thats a seperate point mate, but yes our creativity wasn't great, and Gordon has to improve end product and Gray consistency.

I suppose I wouldn't be prioritising a winger, unless they were better than what we have. There's no point adding more of the same. Like Gordon and Gray (working on the premise Richarlison grows) are decent, Gordon has potential to be better than that. Hudson Odoi fits that criteria though. He could be exceptional.
Right winger we need but more than that we need a playmaker. Alli can do it a bit but we need someone who gets us playing.


Player Valuation: £80m
Better? Hmm, I dunno, I would call it a draw, Mina aside.

Not the biggest fan and talent wise I don't see much between him and Keane, but......

One big difference is that Tarkowski is a leader/organizer type who takes charge and doesn't seem to have confidence made of tissue paper. Mina aside that's what we have a total absence of throughout the centre of the park.

With a 'youngish' set of defenders and a new who are prone to mistakes, then can see the sense in him being a target.

Tarkowski on 90k p/w, Keane leaving for a fee (say 10m) think Keane's on a bigger wage than 90k as well, and pretty much no difference in age (plus Tarkowski won't have the Keane baggage of all those horrid games for us)

In isolation it'd be a deal that made good financial sense and probably sense in terms of overall strengthening the position.

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