2022/23 Dominic Calvert-Lewin


Player Valuation: £950k
Reckon this will be Dom's last season with us.

He falls into the same bracket as Mina, very useful to us when fit and a massive hole when he's not. His sale will pay for the players we're buying now.

If he does have a season of niggles, he’s a liability even when he is fit. He will always be “trying to regain his match sharpness.” And we will build our style around feeding him for a few weeks and during international breaks, then if he has to miss a month we have to revert to square pegs in round holes again (or a Rondon in a Dominic Calvert-Lewin sized hole).

I really like Dom as an athlete and a young man, but would rather someone who was 80-90% as good as him play 30plus matches compared to Dom playing 15 when not sharp.

Hopefully this is all irrelevant and he comes back healthy and stays healthy. 🤞


Player Valuation: £6m
Interesting comments from Duncan Ferguson (guest on Sky Sports) just now; said Dominic Calvert-Lewin was injured in a “passing drill” and hopefully be back “in the next 4 weeks”.

Obviously Dunc has some connections inside the club still, so I’m hoping that Lampard was merely under-promising to over-achieve when he said 6 weeks.
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