Do we need a new LB?.

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...Robinson goes under the radar a bit but I think you are right and perhaps the management team like him. He's had his share of injuries but he always impresses. The only doubt I have is that I've not seen him around the first team and as far as I can recall he never went on the mid-season break to Dubai.

Garbutt hits a fantastic dead ball and for that reason alone I thought he would be in demand but he has stagnated for the past couple of seasons.

He was involved with the 1st team at 16 in a preseason in scotland ! and looked the part then ! so must be highly thought of at the club ! can only be down to injuries as to why hes not been involved ! when ive seen him always looks like a 1st teamer playing for the reserves hes been that impressive !


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Yes we do.
I know it didn't work out for Gallaway last year, but when he did play at the start of the previous season under Martinez I thought he more than showed that he was capable of covering LB and I believe he was a CB originally so Ideal to have back up for 2 positions.

We now need to find someone to do the same


Know nothing about Robinson - somebody care to explain? Has the Mason Holgate trim goin' to can't be that bad the fella can he?

No way Baines is playing 60 games this year. Somebody is going to have to play on the left. And it will either be this youngin or LukeyG (played half a dozen games in a year) didn't he?

Canuck Darryl

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I apologize, but I'm not familiar with Robinson. Is he our U-23 left Back? If so, I think he should be first choice sub. He's probably earned it. The fly in the ointment will be Koeman. It will all depend on how the manager rates him.

Baines is undisputed first choice, but even with the youngsters, additional cover would be a good idea.


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I think Koeman is giving the youngsters preseason first before deciding. Connolly played the first half in Tanzania at LB, could be useful as he can play a number of positions.


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How many games could we potentially be playing next season? 55+? That's a lot of games for a 32 year old LB.
Oviedo's long gone so I do wonder who is going to be second in line.


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I would think so. Baines has been a great player for the club. And can still offer more but he is on the wrong side of his peak and needs at least to be pushed for his place. I thought robbie brady would have been a great call for the price he went for but we defi need a replacement in the next year or 2. Until then baines can still do a job.


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Need a left back and need one desperately.

And not a utility player who can also play centre back. A proper left back, ideally one good enough to challenge and eventually take over from Baines.

Should be young and a specialist left back who can provide attacking width

We are asking for trouble if we expect a 32/33 year old Baines to play every game and if he can't then rely on a left footed centre back to do the job.


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My answer is 100% categorically yes, yes and more yes.

Bainesy has been sensational for us, really really good. But he's 33 now, and let's not kid ourselves in thinking he's producing like he was 3-4 years ago, because sadly he isn't. Still an outstanding pro, but one, who's best years are sadly behind him.

Now the question is, do we have a left back in the ranks, or are we pushing for one from outside.
Who? And Who? To each question.

Can Galloway step up and make the grade? Is there anyone else?

Do we buy? Do we want a British player or do we take a punt on a foreign, untested player?

One things for sure, Baines has been great and I'll miss him when he goes!
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