Derby ticket question

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Thanks everyone for the ideas. This information helps a lot.
Cheers all.

PS...something tells me that the boys will have a better go at it this upcoming season even if we couldn't fork up the €130mm for Ronaldo.:)


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my advice would be check UK stubhub way nearer the time as ppl will sell them when they realise that they cant go and that wont be until they announce the TV fixtures for that month. Also, I don't think the UK stubhub has added this seasons games on yet so no one is selling anything yet?
Set up an alert on stubhub stating you want 2 tickets for under £x each and as soon as 2 are available you will get a notification and can buy them there and then. My guess for 2 adults together youre looking at £100 each plus fees unless some honest John's decide to sell for face value in which case the stubhub alert will put u first in line to snap them up


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Your options are going to be the following - in no particular order of sense or sanity:

1) buy a Foreverton Membership for £30, for both yourself and your son. I'm not too sure here whether the Derby game requires this PLUS attendance at previous home games in the season but the Foreverton will give you priority of 3 to 5 days before the General Sale. The majority of tickets will go extremely fast on the morning - so it's best to be on the site at 8am when they go live. The cost here altogether for the Foreverton Memberships plus tickets will be £150 max.
You'll need to make sure you buy a membership EACH, and then link them online under "friends and family" in order to be able to check out.
Buying Foreverton membership won't help as you usually need a purchase history for Derby tickets.


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You don't need a purchase history for home derby tickets. You just have to be quick.
Aye I thought that was the case, potentially could change this year with the membership changing and the continued season ticket sell out.

@Hook'Em Good luck in the hunt for the tickets mate. They should go live on site about 4-5 weeks before the game.

Last year there was a significant increase in Nordics where I sit. Can be a really good day for meeting travelling blues from across the globe.
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