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Player Valuation: £60m
I can't think of one other Prem league club that would treat the fans this way. Utterly terrible the communication and leadership from the top.


Player Valuation: £70m
I'd say Brands is in total control - within reason, the reason is Moshiri, but the other reason mightnby Bill too.

I've been in a couple of jobs with 'total control' any problems they said, just use your initiative, thats what we pay you for

You've done what. next time you run these things past me...beginning of the end


Player Valuation: £70m
Quite agree that Brands has to decide when to pull the plug and who replaces Marco. The others should simply provide a budget.

If we did get someone like Moyes in I'm fairly sure Brands will walk and that would be the saddest episode of this whole dysfunctional soap opera. You can see how he looks after the players and we need some continuity. To lose one DoF can be seen as a blip, to lose two will show we are an absolute basket case of a club.

For what it's worth Brands and Marco have been dealt a bad hand, with Zouma presumably hedging his bets until the last moment, Gana wanting out and his replacement getting crocked so quickly doesn't help. Gomes was a freak accident and suddenly things look threadbare, but there are reasons for this.

Marco however has shown time and again that he can't change tactics part way through the game (just look what Mourinho did during the week - a couple of days into the job, yet we are still waiting...) and most of all the confidence of the team comes from the manager. Kean needed to start against the minnows in the cup competition and the team be setup to press and be as sharp as possible in attack. Score goals early on and everything becomes easier, mess around and the players settle into lethargy. For this he has to go but I'd rather we take 12 points from the upcoming games and progress in the cup and then boot him out in the summer.

Just goes to show there are mangers and there are ,managers. Think we got ours in Home bargains

Papa Shango

Player Valuation: £70m

Whether they are backing or sackibg the manager would be a start! But generally their comms are horrific.
Well if they are not sacking him they are backing him surely?

Not sure why the need to communicate no news? I feel that those wanting to hear some communication are those that want the manager gone?

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