Confirmed Signing Conor Coady

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Player Valuation: £150m
So was Peter Reid. So was Gary Ablett. So was Dave Watson. So was Alan Harper. All sweat blood for the Blue shirt and helped us win trophies.
This guy is not a class act as the above - plus we had blues playing for the red lot - Ian Rush a prime example our scout turned down - we need a striker not a nothing ageing player like him atm ....


Player Valuation: £5m

I want no part of it, but it’s VERY interesting that he might be available on loan. I get that they are moving towards a back 4 but should that be alarm bells for us or any team. I think he’s a good player and leader but he’s be so ingrained in that system that I’d worry it wouldn’t work. I don’t personally like the 3 at the back, but if you build a team around it and really commit it’s not the worst thing ever.


Player Valuation: £50m
He is a specialist in a back 3 and Frank seems intent on playing with one.

Leaving aside his kopite connections ( and I agree with @StreetEndBlue ) he would make us very solid .

Saint Domingo

Player Valuation: £80m
If it means Michael Keane moves a step closer to the exit I’d have Hansen and Lawrensen in the back line.

He’ll have to cut out gifting Liverpool goals every time he plays them if he turns out for us though. One less player along with McNeil to score their one goal a season against us. Let’s get Cresswell as well whilst we’re at it for the same reason. Probably with about 6 points alone.
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