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Pains me to admit it, but it's pretty good this week.


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Fantastic read. Perfectly sums up where we are and what lies ahead in the short term. The volcanic metaphor is spot on.

We need that Neville tackle on Ronaldo moment on Sunday and hope the player who does it stays on the pitch and the crowd ignite to hand these cowards of ours a bit of fortitude.
Thanks @chicoazul . A great read. I agree @davek . Someone with a bit of venom. Not too much to ask for.

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Chico has told us what should be obvious, but hadn't dawned on me. Our players aren't reacting to losing because they don't care
enough. Not all of them, but enough. They're earning good money, win or lose. They want to win, but it isn't as important to them
as it is to us.


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The question for me is what does our owner intend to do about the situation? He can't carry on just being an observer from afar, he must do something to address the situation at the board level.


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Thought that was a good read and made feel better about where we are. Fully agree that we need to be snapping in to these lads, get at them, seems to be the least we can ask from the team?


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Agreed with every word, but I've long since given up on the shower that currently wear the Blue shirt ever giving the slightest intimation of possessing a backbone.

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